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PO-12 Royalty Free Sample Pack


Royalty Free Samples

PO-12 Royalty Free Sample Pack

The PO-12 Rhythmadd.jpg
The PO-12 Rhythmadd.jpg

PO-12 Royalty Free Sample Pack


SampleNinjas Royalty Free PO-12 one-shots sample pack was recorded entirely from the Teenage Engineering P0-12 Pocket Operator.  These samples are Royalty Free and can be used in all of your music production projects.  The P0-12 Rhythm Pocket Operator has 16 individual sounds and individual Fx parameters which we have taken the time to record and pick out the best for this sample pack. All effects were recorded directly from the PO-12.  Each one shot folder and file has been clearly labeled.   The Sample Library comes as 24Bit 44.1Khz Wav files for use in just about every DAW. Download size is 84.9MB compressed. Uncompressed the file size is 266.9 MB and the cost is on you. 

•    18 Bass Tones

•    36 Blips  

•    54 Claps

•    36 Clicks  

•    45 Closed Hi Hats

•    36 Cowbells  

•    54 Cymbals  

•    45 Hi Toms   

•    45 Kicks  

•    45 Low Toms

•    54 Noise    

•    45 Open Hi Hats

•    54 Snares  

•    36 Sticks  

•    45 Synth Snares

•    18 Tones  



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